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Nii Buxton and the Asesegwa Band

10th Oct '17

The Power of Gratitude

”I had a dream about the rhythm, woke up and grabbed my guitar and felt blessed with this song. The song is titled Shidaa it is Ga language and means ´thank you´. Shidaa is a morning praise…it is about earth, heaven, mankind…thanking God for this all. You see, I have music in my blood, my dad is a guitarist and singer too. I was born and raised in James Town, Accra. This is where the Ga people live. James Town is Accra´s oldest district. It is a shanty town with colonial relics. A vibrant talent hub, full of life, smelly and noisy fishing village on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. I have never nothing to fear because I come from James Town.”

Nii Buxton is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from Ghana, West-Africa. He is the founder and leader of Asesegwa Band, an afro jazz fusion and African traditional music group.

Nii – guitar, vocals
He truly can blend heaven with earth, for us to enjoy. Some people are born with a gift like that.

Stephen – flute
He is quiet, respectfully serious with music and his talent.

Tsehskoo – guitar
He is always with his guitar. Nobody has ever seen him without a guitar.

Sammy – percussion
He is always happy, wild and very talented.

Dzedzorle – poet
He is reading and writing a lot, loves words.

Kess – guitar, vocals
He is the talkative one, always ready to try new things.

Shidaa available 20th October 2017 on all digital music stores

Click the picture and download the song now!

Featuring artist, guitar – Kyekyeku
Saxophone – Peter Somuah
Recording, mixing and producing engineer – Kyekyeku
Mastering – Waudio Mastering
Photos, cover art, graphic design – Fred Koli