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Success Fortune Rebirth singles in 2017

7th Jun '17

Gogosege is a song about women with a big bottom Release date 16th June 2017

Success Fortune Rebirth wrote this song already few years ago. Women all around the world should be proud of their bodies. ”Enjoy your body, enjoy life” says Success Fortune Rebirth. This Ghanaian azonto style song invites everyone to celebrate life and happiness.

Lorlornye is a Ghanaian HighLife style love song
Release date 23rd June 2017

Born in to a family of 3 boys in Ghana, Success used to tie ice cream to sell. He was tender to help his mother out, as she was sick for many years before she died.
Success Fortune Rebirth is very different in all his ways and doings. He knows it is strange to see a young musician keeping animals and farming, but that is his passion. He is also a fashion designer, his fashion is available online and in UK and USA. Unbelievable guy. This man loves to imagine and create.