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Vento – debut album from Ilaria Tucci & the Blue Ice Orchestra

26th Jan '17

Ilaria, how did this music happen and what are your feelings now when your debut is released?

”It was Spring 2014 when I met Ville and Sami, during the jam sessions in Huurupiilo, a small pub in the neighborhood of Kaleva (Tampere). It took a while before Sami decided to make THE proposal: “it would be nice to play together… paid gigs, I mean”. That happened in a dark wet evening in the end of October, at the opening party of Kultti, an inspiring alternative gastro-music club (in Tampere, of course).

After few weeks (29.11.2014) the first gig (not paid actually!) at Tehdas 108, in Nokia: me, Sami Sippola (sax), Ville Rauhala (doublebass), Sebastian Krühn (drums) with the temporary name of “Hot Potatoes”. Next January, Tuomas Luukkonen joined the band, and the Blue Ice Orchestra started its journey.

It has been a continuous adventure, exploring the melodies I have made during these years, and following the guys wondering what exactly my lyrics are telling about…”

 Finally VENTO is here – the first album of Ilaria Tucci & the Blue Ice Orchestra – with great satisfaction and pride of everybody, indeed.

Enjoy this album, it is a mixture of playful sensuality, irony and magic. Yes, because magic is an essential ingredient of their music!